Episode 33 - Bearly Face Tanking

Mobs and Minions may watch this episode in any shapeshifting form; double enjoyment is had if viewed as a bear. That's right; the furrier you are, the more you will Heart (of the Wild) this episode.

From the US this week, we have an inconspicuous bear who's been behind many druid contacts already on FinalBoss: Arielle of <Bear Retirement Home>. From the EU, Buraan of <Divergent> rakes in the math and optimization in and out of Azeroth, but beware: his soothing Scottish voice is a crowd control that's castable even in bear form.

Before we get down to Tanking With Your Face 101, Arielle and Buraan go over the progression of the bear tank, from the health pools and resistances or armor of The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King to the rise of the bearcat in Cataclysm. Landing at the "active mitigation" style of Mists of Pandaria gives a great segue into how to currently bear tank. While bears are seemingly sparse in the US, the EU's spectrum of tanks prove that bears can make it work in both 10-man and 25-man content.

Episode #33: Bearly Face Tanking will crit you all over with bear information. You'll find out what's useful in the level 45 and 75 talent tiers and what's the story with that "Heart of the OP" level 90 talent. While there are some definite favorites for various situations when it comes to Symbiosis as a bear, the guests point out that it will likely never become a big deal of an ability. So c'mon, bears, you know you want to try out Life Tap just once

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- Poneria