Episode #116 - Dreams & Gray Hound: 3rd Pass Open Q&A

Bay, Dreams and Gray Hound field questions from chat. Tanking and more. These episodes are a "soft" start to the interview shows to come! The Legion Junket of interviews is slated to return to full-swing after Mythic Xavius World 1st is tackled.

Episode #111 - Dayani & Teodin: Let's Talk LEGION IV

Volume IV "Let's Talk Legion" Alpha/Beta junket ft. Dayani & Teodin. Resto Shaman and Holy Pally. These episodes are a splash of ideas, thoughts, feedback, and insight into Legion Spec changes.

Episode 101 - LIMIT Guild Spotlight

The show must go on! A newcomer guild has formed during the Hellfire Citadel raid tier 18 of Warlords of Draenor. Many players from multiple guilds formed <LIMIT> to create the new top NA Raiding Guild that isn't exactly aiming for World Firsts. Learn more inside!

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