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Twitch Streaming

Adam K. aka “Bay” has been streaming on Twitch over 5 years and has created one of the most watched/listened to live podcasts covering World of Warcraft. As the show plans to evolve, so does the live stream. A friendly, non confrontational, and positive environment is where Bay aims to employ his brand of “Edunatainment” (Education + Entertainment) on the Internet.

YouTube Channel

Originally used as an archive for the FinalBossTV live podcasts, Bay’s crafted content has grown to include his “Talks About” series, broadcast highlights, clip compilations, travel vlogs to conventions, and whatever else he feels like creating.

Patreon Support

If you are nerdy enough to really enjoy the stuff n’things that Bay is creating, broadcasting, and producing - directly supporting him and future projects on Patreon is a fantastic option. There is also exclusive additional bonuses available to pledges such as: behind-the-scenes streams, more podcasts, first dibs on new apparel, and even dorky birthday/holiday cards!

Discord Servers

Ever since this incredible program has fallen into our laps, the gaming communities at large have taken to it like almond milk to smoothies. FinalBossTV is proud to be an official partner and has created a resource of links to many servers across the WoWscape & to many of our content creator friends.