Who is FinalBossTV?

The streamer is Adam K. AKA “Bay”. In Warcraft, he plays an enhancement shaman. Here you will find a community based around 3 major subjects:  

1. Education. Here is the home of FinalBossTV’s show of the same name where Bay interviews members of the community that stand out in their area of expertise.  

2. Positivity. Here you will find good people. Both Bay and the regulars in chat have formed a community free of excessive vulgarity, rudeness, and toxicity.  

3. Most importantly, Entertainment. We’re all here to have fun.

Where are you from?

I was an Air Force brat growing up so I moved around alot. Officially I was born in Maryland. The longest I have been anywhere has been Florida. So...I guess I’m Florida Man?

How long have you been streaming?

I have been on Twitch since SW:TOR was in Beta. So maybe almost 8 years now? I had a different channel before FinalBossTV that….we shall not speak of.

What got you into streaming?

My original inspirations for becoming a content creator were: Mike B aka Fony, Sean [Day9] Plott, and LethalFrag. Watching those three incredible nerds when I was younger led me to pursue a career path in Film and, somewhere along the way, becoming a broadcaster/show host. So now I talk for a living.