Episode 96 - Machinterview w/ Nixxiom & Moocluck

Intro by Bay. Part 2 of the Machinima by Moocluck.

Intro by Bay. Part 2 of the Machinima by Moocluck.

Bay sits down with Machinamtors/YouTubers: Nixxiom & Moocluck for a special interview and 2-Part Collab thingy stuffs. Interview above! Machinima start below. (Yes, Bay is the old man.)

"Into the Alpha" - A Short WoW Machinima by Nixxiom

"Into the Alpha" - A Short WoW Machinima by Nixxiom

"On My Own" - WoW Machinima Music Video (Parody)

This entirely epic nine month journey was FinalBoss' first adventure into creating content that is more than just a Show and a Live Stream. Not only was "On My Own" an incredible learning experience, but it connected so many amazingly talented people who love World of Warcraft, together, and we can only improve.

The next project is going to be "WARCRIMES" based on the novel by Christie Golden. This process is going to take the better part of 16 - 20 Months to complete but it will end up being 10 Episodes, each roughly 15 Minutes in run time, and feature some wonderful voice talent.

We hope to launch this Machinima Episodic by Spring/Summer 2016. But we could still use your help! If you are a 3-D Modeler proficient in 3DSmax or Maya, or a 2-D Artist that would love to lend their aid to designing the characters, hero art, promotional art, or anything else Bay can come up with, (which is a lot) then please send us an Email.

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Thank You All so much for your support. 
Without You, none of this would be possible. 


• Adam "Bay" Knych
    Director - Producer - Editor

• Nobbel the Noble
    co-Writer - co-Producer

• Silver Letomi
    Writer - Vocalist - Asst.Composer

• Turel

• Apple Cider Mage
    2-D Concept Artist

• Evanel Vaanel Intaanis
    3-D Model Designer

• Khayllys
    Visual Effects Editor

• Rogahar
    3-D Animation

• Frances "LyoNaka" Perry
     Storyboard Artist - Sound Design

• Mori Illustrations
    Promo Apparel Artist

• Whammo
    Credits Overlay Artist

• Spazzo
    Teaser Poster Artist

• Martyn Tranter
    Teaser Poster Artist

• Kelsey Godfrey
    Re-Recording Mixer


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