Episode 45 - The Enhanced Sham-WoW

Hi, it's Pon from Final Boss. You'll be saying WOW every time you use this spec. It's like a melee, it's like a spellcaster, it's like a pet class. A regular spellcaster doesn't work with a pet. This fire elemental works, player or not. This is for the 10man raider, the Challenge Modes player, the 25man farm, the progression raider.

The enhancement shaman holds 20 times its weight in threat. Look at this, it just does the opening burst. Why do you want to work twice as hard to be as dead on the pull? It doesn't need cast times, it brings the Maelstrom Weapon stacks, drop that Rain down. You can bring a DPS instead of a healer.

It's made in Draenor -- you know the orcs always make good stuff. (Like warlocks.)

You can cut it in half, use one spec as elemental, or heal some raids with the other, or you want to play enhancement all day. World first raiders, they use it for the DPS -- look at that mob, completely dead. Put a Fire Nova on, Ancestral Guidance, it lags your raid with numbers. Here's some wolves, procs, Ascendance, Heroism, fire elemental. Not only is your damage going to be on top, there's your record burst. That is gonna rock -- see that?

Now we're going to do this in real time, look at this: open your talents pane, find level 60 and without putting any pressure, Elemental Mastery, right there -- you following me, reader person? The other half of the talent power, the 90's Primal Elementalist will make your fire elemental into The Firelord himself. No other class is going to do that. It acts like a cookie cutter spec, and look at this, it's virtually lazy or "efficient" when you get down to it.

See what I'm telling you -- go Enhancement Shaman -- you'll be saying WOW every time.

Bay of <Crisp> and Final Boss host says: I can't live without it, I just love this spec!
Bithindel of <Supermassive> and streaming says: Aka ma gosh, I don't even heal anymore.
Purge of <Pure> and TotemSpot says: If you're gonna deal top damage in your raids or any other content, you'll be out of your mind not to play one of these.
All I can say is: ENH! SHAM! WOW!

You're gonna spend twenty-ish raider repair bills every week on DPS anyway. You're throwing away your loot. The totems are for everything, for every CD use. This lasts ten plus years, that Flavor of the Month lasts a month. I don't know, it sells itself.

The GCD sells for a lot: you get one for Stormstrike, one for Lava Lash, one for Searing Totem, two for Flame Shock and Unleash Elements. But if you roll now -- within the next expansion 'cuz we can't play this game forever -- you'll get a second shaman spec absolutely free. So that's all shaman for just one character slot. It comes with zero warranty because who knows what Blizzard will do with future content, but here's how to submit questions to us about it: 

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- Poneria