A Hunter's Story - Episode 18

Welcome, Mobs and Minions, to Episode 18! This week we’re covering Hunters with two very charismatic guests: Rogerbrown of <Method> and Devai of <DREAM Paragon>. Before you ask, Devai actually has a shirt on for the show. Sorry, Ladies (and Gents).

Starting off, we take a look into the WoW careers of these two powerhouse players and find out where they came from, what classes they’ve played, and what classes they think they would be playing if they weren’t hunters. There is also a discussion about the change from Mana to Focus and how it helped the playstyle of Hunters.

Bay and Ana ask each guest to give a run-down of each spec and how it plays.  The conversation transitions into dealing with pets and briefly into the preliminary 6.0 talent: “With or Without You” which gives Hunters the ability to go petless. In a cruel twist of fate, both guests are willing to throw poor Fluffy under the bus if it means not having to deal with the pet AI. Goodbye, dearest Fluffy...

Moving on to the main show, Devai and Roger start talking about the Ins and Outs of Hunters. During which they go over why Marksmanship cannot be buffed to make it competitive, how to properly use your cooldowns and abilities for Survival and BM and also what personal utility spells you can use to survive mechanics even better.

As always, Final Boss and its guests love to answer community questions at the end of the show.  You can ask them via the website: http://finalboss.tv/askaboss/ - via Twitter: @finalbosstv #AskABoss & via Twitch Chat during the After Show!

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