Epic WoW Battles of History #1: Bay VS. Brutall

Something New & Special comes to Final Boss. "Epic WoW Battles of History" will be a random series that will feature head to head match ups doing crazy awesome things in The World of Warcraft either by PVE or PVP players. Yes, you read that right. PVP comes to Final Boss, at least, in a small way.

Future events will include the "Retro Raid Race" Alliance VS. Horde where Bay will lead 24 Alliance against Brutall leading 24 Horde in 3 consecutive Saturdays starting on September the 20th and will race to complete a plethora of Classic, Burning Crusade, Wrath & finally, Cataclysm Raids before the other team. Most efficient time after all 3 days will Win! Uhh...something. 

The "Retro Raid Race" will have signups on OpenRaid so be sure to have an account and be ready for the social media posts when the signups are open if you want to be a part of these runs! Sadly, they will only be on the US Realms. Don't worry EU friends, we have plans in store for you too!