Mistweaver Monks - Episode 14

Welcome to the Final Final Boss episode…

…before Blizzcon.  Did I scare you?  This week Bay and Ana interview our Monk friends again, only this time they’ve decided to weave in a little Mists.  Our hosts are joined by two Mistweaver Monks that fell in love with the class in the Beta, Redfern of <Immersion> and Jaydaa of <Vigil>.

We take a look into our guests past gaming lives; what their first MMO was and what classes they first started playing.  We find out that neither of them started off as healers, but transitioned to them over time.  Redfern describes what it is he likes about healing, and how an encounter can be completely different depending on who else is in the group.  Jaydaa agrees and sums it up as “Healer vs. Raid”.

Playing a brand new class means having to deal with constant developer tweaks.  Our guests talk about how little changes here and there can make for big impacts on how they play.  And while the class as a whole is decent, there are things that need to be reworked to make for more solid game play.

We move on to a discussion about skills, mechanics, resources, cooldowns, and the Jade Statue.  A mistweaver has a kind of revolving door of resources.  Mana to build Chi, Chi to build Tea, and Tea to build Mana.  Unlike our Windwalker friends, Mistweavers don’t really have any talents or glyphs that change how they play.  The level 90 and 70 talents can change based on encounter, and there aren’t really any mandatory glyphs.

Meat and potatoes time! Our guests talk about everything healing.  They discuss AoE and single target healing and how it’s both good and problematic with smart heals, as well as how powerful it is in 10m compared to 25m.  What about a Mistweaver Monk makes it good to have one in the raid?  Aside from their constant AoE throughput, they also are capable of standing in melee and can ignore ranged mechanics.  Cheaters!

Of course, no Mistweaver discussion is quite complete without a look into Fistweaving.

We end the show with what one thing each guest would like to see changed about the class and no, Redfern, we can’t delete Priests.

Unfortunately we did not have the time to get into the community Q&A for the show proper, but stay tuned for the aftershow and you will see those questions answered.

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