Episode 34 - WoW Trivial Pursuit

Mobs and Minions, get your meta gems socketed and helm enchants on, because it's time to break out the brains. Grab your nearest friend to complete our FinalBoss raid and play along with episode 34's Trivial Pursuit event!

This week, six familiar faces pair off with Bay and Ana into four teams to trek around the board. Alex and Loz of FatBoss form the entire blue team, and Nobbel pairs with Letomi on the green team. Ana picks her class color to go with Elvine's gnomish hair -- except Elvine himself doesn't have pink hair. Last but not least bearded: Bay teams up with Brutal to complete epic team purple.

The rules are tweaked for FinalBoss: no team can go more than twice in a row and getting to the center means chat picks your category. The time limit for each question soon became to guess before chat caught up with a flood of the correct answer. 

Don't be pink with embarrassment -- the only celebrity class I could remember was Ozzy the warlock, because really, who cares about mohawks and hunters. Orange'cha glad you play to defeat encounters?! Lady RNG is particularly cruel about handing a raid encounter question to a raider. Just don't let your egotistical cores get corrup-- errr, what? It's a tainted core? Aww, fffffffff.

Unfortunately watching the cinematic in your head for the chat-chosen, yellow-sliced answer just leads to Aggravation when you can't hear her say Thrall's name. Nobbel might have footnotes on every lore question, but it's on the green villainous slices that the rest of the pursuing gang overthinks. Does the question want the kal'dorei, the quel'dorei, or the sin'dorei? What's the difference between all the orc skin colors? 

Don't be blue -- people mix up what's a Valley and what's a Vale all the time. It'll be OK, Horde players, we forgive you for going for the red-named isle over the blue-named draenei starting isle. Finally, killing a raid boss doesn't guarantee you'll get loot and raiding likewise doesn't guarantee you'll get the purple slice loot questions right! Even if you can't remember what your class's tier 10 was called, the Ashbringer most definitely belongs to ... we're sorry, Loz, that answer was so terribly Thunderwraang. 

As always, Final Boss and its guests love to answer community questions at the end of the show.  You can ask them via the website: http://finalboss.tv/askaboss/ - via Twitter: @finalbosstv #AskABoss & via Twitch Chat during the After Show!

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- Poneria