Episode 39 - Evening Coffee with Final Boss

Mobs and Minions take a break from the raiding life this week to listen to Matthew Rhode, the suave voice and high enthusiasm behind the Ducksauce persona of Twitch TV fame.

Most beginning streamers probably don't move across the country for a chatroom confidante or switch career tracks with the help of a napkin, but Matthew Rhode did what he had to in order to follow his passions into acting. He might be that stereotype hailing from his mom's basement while playing WoW, but does your mama know whether there's trouble at the docks? Mama Duck knows. A furrier Arthas than many of us know briefly shows up to literally embrace the positivity that is Matt.

While Matthew's still working on a rite of passage credit, his favorite acting gig so far has been the indie film Kings of Yorktown, where he learned many tricks like camera angles or how to shoot a police arrest scene on the cheap. While passing advice on to aspiring actors, Matthew lets us in on all the details out of his control that can help or harm his ability to get a gig in the first place. 

Ana gets hers from book characters and Bay brings some of his own old fanfiction characters into WoW, but Matthew went the mundane style of character naming via nearby objects -- in this case, a packet of duck sauce. We learn that the first step to Black Market Auctioneers Anonymous is to admit what epic pizazz you get out of RNG sometimes. Besides, Matthew's got until step nine or so to give all that borrowed gold for gambling on BMAH containers.

This might not be the sauciest heroic mode hunter on the planet -- you can go back to Episode #18 if you want some of that -- but admit it: Mobs and Minions know we're jealous of his Love Rocket. 

As always, Final Boss and its guests love to answer community questions at the end of the show.  You can ask them via the website: http://finalboss.tv/askaboss/ - via Twitter: @finalbosstv #AskABoss & via Twitch Chat during the After Show!

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- Poneria