Episode 37 - The Unholy Knight of Frost

All the Mobs and Minions out there might be trying to avoid the latest real-life colds and diseases as spring warms up across the Northern Hemisphere, but for us on Final Boss, an unholy winter is here to stay -- y'know, for at least another couple hours of the DPS death knight episode.

There's Arv of <Vodka>, who's an expert at pressing the right buttons to parse high. He's shifting from bleeding edge progression raiding with world second Blood Legion into a more casual raiding with some remnants of the Vodka-Exodus merge. Mendenbarr, on the other hand, is moving up in progression but down in hours from <Divide> to <Midwinter>. Mendenbarr is known in the DK community #Acherus for bringing the nonzombie brains to the class.

While the new talent system for DKs is reputedly horrible, Cataclysm brought changes to the rune system that made playing the class easier and smoother. Our hosts and guests note that DKs are the class where players rather than devs came up with specs within the specs to play. Unfortunately, death knights are pretty GCD-locked at the moment and are hoping that Warlords of Draenor will bring interesting changes. 

Arv and Mendenbarr talk more talents and skills than stats, but that's what matters in the end. SentryTotem has auditors like Mendenbarr who will look through your raid parses for free to help you improve, and it's your Killing Machine proc uptimes they'll look at first, not how much haste you have. In The Unholy Knight of Frost, we'll find out not only about the playstyle difference between 2-handed Frost and dual-wield Frost, but also exactly what is Unholy's Festerblight spec and what Warlords may do to kill it. By the end of Episode #37, you'll know why that one priest in your raid has a gripping hate on your undead life as you scumbag your way to damage highs.

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- Poneria