Episode 42 - The Brutal Lore Raid

Mobs and Minions, this week Ana is moving so the Firelord takes a break for a community episode, inviting Darrie of OpenRaid and Nobbel "Not a Big Deal" the Noble to join Bay and step-in co-host, Brutall. 

Darrie is "OpenRaid Mom" as the Operations Director for the cross-realm raiding communities. She helps maintain and moderate the community as well as organize big events like the current Learn to Raid with OpenRaid initiative. Players started the general event back in April with bronze Challenge Modes that progressed through silver and gold, and are progressing through the Mists of Pandaria raids in order without needing high item level requirements. The OpenRaid community is currently in the middle of Tier 14, moving from Normals to Heroics.  Darrie agrees with Bay on the survival of OpenRaid with the new LFG in-game feature coming in Warlords: the community you get from OpenRaid can't come from the game UI component. 

As part of the community grab-bag episode, Nobbel is here to answer lore questions submitted by Mobs and Minions. Brutall helps start the conversation using his well-th of Wowpedia knowledge -- but to his eternal WoE, Nobbel knows more about Queen Azshara, the Burning Legion, and the Sunwell. We'll steal into insight about the Final Boss of Draenor, whether Thrall or the Alliance should have been on trial, too, whether Theramore can be fixed sanely, and...what Azerothian race makes the best taco.

OpenRaid is opening up to more games than WoW; this mortal spies some League of Legends events going on, but we might see some WildStar soon. Nobbel will continue making the best animated & narrated "comics" about lore along with his playthroughs of WoW leveling and Zelda games. Brutall just hit 2000 subscriptions on his Youtube channel, and would like to celebrate with an upcoming taco-devouring party on Twitch.tv/BrutallStatic. He asks that the community share their terrible taco selfies on Twitter @BrutallStatic with hashtag #2000Tacos.

As always, Final Boss and its guests love to answer community questions at the end of the show.  You can ask them via the website: http://finalboss.tv/askaboss/ - via Twitter: @finalbosstv #AskABoss & via Twitch Chat during the After Show!

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- Poneria