WoW Legion Summit - Developer Interviews

Bay n'Slootbag interview two Developers at the Legion Summit.

Ion Hazzikostas (Asst. Game Director) & J. Allen Brack (Production Director)

Bay's interview with James Waugh at the Legion Summit.

Accompanied by Mitch Dostine of Curse Entertainement.

Episode 107 - Brutall, Nobbel & Koltrane: 2015 Special

Bay sits down w/Brutall, Nobbel & Koltrane to wrap up2015 and move forward towards 2016.
Also guitar, singing and swooning. Yeeeessssss. Happy Holidays everyone! See you in all the upcoming LEGION Testing & beyond!

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Episode 106 - Bajheera & WarcraftJen: WoW PvP Special

The first PvP Discuss on FinalBossTV in....ever! Oh yes. We are doing this.

Bay sits down with the dynamic duo of Bajheera & Jen to discuss BlizzCon 2015, the WCS, PvP in Warcraft, a little bit of their history together and then Legion on the horizon.

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