Episode 35 - The Fury of Arms

Sarri of EU's <Ascendence> met up with the Fury of Arms and won, as evidenced by his most damage taken from Heroic Football. Archimtiros of US's <Pure> also participates in IRL PvP as a proven leader, but he will soon be wielding flesh-arms instead of weapon-arms as he writes about warriors and raiding at the new World of Warcraft resource website, SentryTotem.

These two of few theorycrafting warriors hack and slash at Bay's attempted description of warriors as "bland." Wrath of the Lich King brought button slams and spams to warriors, and recently Mists of Pandaria refined some of the rotations. The DPS specs seem to switch themes as Fury does not smash buttons as blindly as Arms. Sarri demonstrates that Arms can be played well and that fights like Ultraxion and Spine of Deathwing can be liked.

Stancedancing may make your healers go berserk about your disregard for your health bar, but Archim lets listening warriors in on how effective scumbagging it like Sarri does can help out your otherwise mediocre damage. Sarri thinks warriors have too much utility and Archim notes the removal of raidwide offensive CDs from the game in Warlords of Draenor is a good thing for more competitive DPS.

There is one ridiCRITlous stat for DPS warriors, but don't forget about how mastery synergizes well enough with crit and a certain trinket that it can overtake strength in stat priority. Talent talk shows some insights of why "spin to win" is better than even "100% crit rawr." In the end, both guests encourage taking each DPS warrior spec out for a whirl[wind].

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- Poneria