Episode 38 - Welcome to the Shield Slam!

There was almost a devastating void of guests for this week, but The Firelord cobbled together some swords and boards this week to represent the classic tank of World of Warcraft.

Eddy of <Echoes> plays all the tanks, but he loves protection warrior the most. Gliff of <The Horsemen> is just a natural tank personality; even on a healing alt, he's thinking about mob placement. Both guests are unwavering sentinels about the protection warrior's defensive abilities, comparing warriors as "warlocks of the tanking class," stating that they can do both single target and multitarget well.

We skipped to stats first this week, talking from progression all the way down to overpowered farm content. Eddy explains what each stat does, from the mastery of meat-shielding to the paper-plate tank made of critting DPS. However, both guests feel the avoidance build of dodge and parry gives the best raging experience for a protection warrior.

Mobs and Minions will hear about the binary one-shot or not Mass Spell Reflect and how to scumbag as a warrior on Garrosh. Both Eddy and Gliff enlighten us about how self-healing like Second Wind and Impending Victory make a bigger difference in smaller groups likes 10-mans or Challenge Modes than in 25-mans. We end out in agreement that Dragon Roar and Bloodbath are clear talent winners, though Bloodbath plus Bladestorm is a fun DPS option.

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- Poneria