Episode 41 - Power Word: Revisit

Halo, Mobs and Minions, we have some Divine Stars in this episode of Final Boss where we revisit the healing priests. Unfortunately, priests this tier aren't likely holding too many PoM PoMs, but don't worry, they've still got plenty of Spirit Shells to go around.

Draco, GM of EU's <Echoes> joins a reappearance of Derevka of US's <Something Wicked> to talk about discipline is king for PvE priests with its absurd absorbs in an overhealing world. Discipline was in line with other healing specs until about mid-tier in Throne of Thunder, when the gear caught up to the mechanics and became completely dominant in Siege of Orgrimmar. Our two guests feel that holy priests will likely bounce back in Warlords of Draenor, however, both due to the new healing model by Blizzard and holy's mastery of free healing.

Atonement is a discipline priest's smart healing, and it adds to the too-much of smart healing going on across the healing board. However, Atonement is too core a mechanic to let go, so we'll have to see how Blizzard works other discipline spells into the toolkit. The Jina-Kang healing legendary cloak is useful, but Draco shows that discipline currently offers a unique half-DPS hybrid through Smite DPSing with the Xing-Ho DPS cloak. We'll talk most and least favorite encounters in Mists of Pandaria before moving on to the gear and talent selections.

Priests feel a symbiosis with crit and mastery, and we talk about the ridiculously efficient Smite. The level 75 talent is locked in for healing priests, but in the level 45 tier, the skill of Atonement healing can affect the choice. Level 90 is known for lots of visually-noisy spells, but they're all active abilities, which is a nice change from those of us with mostly passive level 90 talents.

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- Poneria