Pandas, Mists & Shadowy Apparitions - Episode 11

Shadow Priests? Shadow Priests. Episode 11 of Final Boss TV is all about our favorite Shadowy Apparitions.  Drye from <WHATEVER WERE AWESOME> and Twintop from <Slash Hug> join our Hosts Bay and Ana for an episode filled with all things Shadow Priests… And Twintop’s Frostmourne.

Ever wonder what your favorite Shadow Priest theorycrafters do to pull it all off? Drye discusses his 30-something BiS combinations with his personal spreadsheet (yikes!) and the rollercoaster of nerfs, buffs and bugs. Twintop built himself a monster computer for the sole purpose of running simulations to get all of you the information you need to melt face with ease. Let’s not forget the time commitment involved with such time-sensitive material, either.  Stat squish, please!

Drye and Twintop are asked to review the history of Shadow Priests.  When did they become a viable raid asset? When was their DPS good? What changes were had to make them better?  Drye steals the question and goes from Vanilla to present day.  What better person to answer? He’s been playing a Shadow Priest the entire time!  Twintop follows up with what’s good and bad about Shadow Priests in Mists, and Drye goes on a rant about being held back by Shadow Orbs.

Pro-Tip: Obtain Tito from the Raiding with Leashes II achievement and he will whip up a whirlwind with killable cow critters that you can use to build orbs out of combat.

The Meat and Potatoes part of the show covers a wide array of topics.  These include Talent interactions, how single target damage is, what the “sweet spot” is for multidotting adds, how to handle AE encounters, Best in Slot lists (with a TON of math talk), and what Addons you should be utilizing to maximize your DPS. Twintop has some crazy weak auras with his setup.

We finish off the show with some community questions and find out Drye doesn’t have a second monitor. Does he realize what century we’re in yet?

Tune in next week for Mistweavers OR Windwalkers. What we choose depends on your Youtube comments, so let us know!

Relevant links: Drye’s BiS list:

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