How to Walk on Wind, Monk Style - Episode 12

So, Mobs and Minions… we meet again.  This raid reset we tackle Windwalker monks with Calligraphy of <Defenestrate> and Hinalover (a.k.a. Delritha) of< Roadrunners>.  These guys talk the talk, but can they Windwalk the walk?  As an added bonus, we no longer have 8-Bit Ana.

Ah, Monks. The brand new and shiny class of the expansion.  Calli and Hina dive into the growing pains of a brand new class, complete with its very own revolving door of masteries every patch!   Each guest talks a little bit about how monks work - I heard there’s some punching and kicking involved - and whether or not main swapping to a brand new class was a hard decision.

Get ready for a whirlwind (of the Rushing Jade variety) of topics, my friends. Hina and Calli discuss every little facet of being a Windwalker.  This includes abilities and what they do, resources and how they work, cooldowns or lack thereof, raid utility (no, WWs do not have good offhealing utility), talents and switching ALL the things on a fight-by-fight basis, single target DPS, cleave DPS, Storm Earth and Fire, and the effects of Haste on the rotation – including whether 6k or 9k haste is better to have.

And of course, no Windwalker discussion is quite complete without a thorough beating of Fists of Fury.

Tune in next week for our interview with Alex from FatBoss TV!

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