Episode 47 - Alpha 1st Impressions

Shadowmoon Valley went live on the Warlords of Draenor alpha, just in time, we thought, for the Firelord's Alpha Q&A episode! Unfortuantely our bonus rolls came up with no loot as Blizzard took the alpha servers down for maintenance over the weekend.

But don't be sad, Mobs and Minions, Nobbel shared some video and screenshots from the alpha with Final Boss, and our alpha-testing guests provided additional insight to what's going on. Treckie is back from episode 24's protection paladins to talk the current state of tanks in the alpha. New to Final Boss is Qelric. Take that 'u' you want to put in her name and put it with the virtual tubes: she plays and shares everything Blizzard on her Youtube channel. Qelric has been known to have "a few" death knights, and she isn't spoiled in excitement by playing the content early. 

Between our hosts and our guests, we've got your questions covered in Episode #47: First Impressions!

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