Episode 48 - SentryTotem Interview

Mobs and Minions, we have another Community Spotlight in our arsenal. A site that watches out for you and can be your personal talisman for World of Warcraft news -- Sentry Totem!

Tickle is elementally blasting from the past out of Episode #25 to tell us about this new resource she's growing. While she's handed the theorycrafting back to Binkenstein and changed guilds from <Pure> to <Something Wicked>, she's built Sentry Totem, a new news and community site for PvE content in WoW. With tools like helpful columns from top-end experts, raiding clinics for new players, and free one-on-one help from those same experts on your class, Mobs and Minions have an excellent resource to learn the ins and outs of PvE content. 

Tickle is joined by another familiar face, Archimtiros from Episode #35. Archimtiros primarily writes a warrior-specific column and audits fellow DPS warriors. But this warrior isn't of a single-minded fury when it comes to community resources; Archimtiros working on a column series about Warcraft Logs, introducing how to read, and use the raid parse analysis site to improve your own player performance.

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